PrintConductor 2.0

Manages documents and prints all of them at the same time
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Handles documents and images and prints them at the same time without opening each one document and issuing the Print command. Supports a large batch of data like images, PDF files, Microsoft Office formats (Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Publisher), Autodesk's drawing formats as well as text documents.

PrintConductor is a time-saver for those that print a lot. The application has a sole purpose: making printing a lot easier. I know how annoying it is when you have to print several documents. You need to go to File and Print, and then accept for every one of those documents. That takes a lot of time and gets very frustrating after a bit. PrintConductor tackles that problem by giving you a way of printing all your files at once. All you need to do is tell PrintConductor what documents you want to print and it will print them all in a batch. You can even configure some settings that will apply to all of your documents. When you click Run, it will start printing and you can use your time in something else. PrintConductor supports Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word DOC, Microsoft Excel XLS, Autodesk AutoCAD DWG, and Microsoft PowerPoint PPT files. If you have a virtual printer that can convert documents, you can pair it with PrintConductor and convert your documents in batches. The application is also free for non-commercial use.

José Fernández
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  • It saves you some useful time
  • Works great with other virtual printers to convert files


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